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The recent trade-in price history of iPhone 5C 16GB generally shows an increase. In other words, the used prices of this device are getting higher as it is becoming more desirable. This normally happens if your device is reasonably old and may appeal to those on a tighter budget, or (more likely) people who are looking for parts. It may even be to strip down or re-sell in a third-world country - here's why. Remember: It is very unlikely that prices will keep on increasing for ANY used electricals.


  • My iPhone 5C 16GB is water damaged - can I still sell it?
  • How much can you sell an iPhone 5C 16GB for?
  • What's so good about the iPhone 5C 16GB?

My iPhone 5C 16GB is water damaged - can I still sell it?

Water damage is the worst kind of damage for any phone, and it renders the phone useful only for its parts. The iPhone 5C isn't particularly valuable these days anyway, so you can only expect to receive a paltry £2 for a water-damaged iPhone 5C

How much can you sell an iPhone 5C 16GB for?

Not much - even in good condition they will only fetch around £10.

What's so good about the iPhone 5C 16GB?

The iPhone 5C was popular when released as it was a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive iPhone 5S. Nowadays though it's nothing to shout about, so isn't worth very much.

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