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Apple iPhone SE 16GB Specifications

Display resolution:1136 x 640Gps:A-GPS and GLONASS
Display size:4.0"Wifi:802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Display type:LED-backlit LCDTalk time:Up to 14 hours
Primary camera flash:Dual-LEDnSecondary camera:1.2 Megapixels
Primary camera resolution:4608 ? 3456Weight grams:113
Memory card slot:NoneDimensions:123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm
Processor:1.84 GHz Dual-coreChipset:Apple A9
2g:GSM 850/900/1800/1900Battery type:Non-removable
3g:HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100Ip rating:Not rated
4g:LTE 700/800/850/900/1800/1900/2100/2300/2500/2600Second sim slot:None

About Apple iPhone SE 16GB - prices, trade-in, reviews

The iPhone SE is the only 4" iPhone made by Apple. It looks similar to the iPhone 5S, but has internal specifications that closely match the iPhone 6s. These include the more powerful A9 processor, a 12 megapixel camera and support for Apple Pay. Other great features included on the iPhone SE are the touch ID feature as well as the striking metal casing design taken from the 5th generation of iPhone.

The iPhone SE was designed to offer a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6s, which was released a few months earlier. The SE stands for Special Edition. Since it’s launch in September 2016, the iPhone SE has managed to hold it’s ground well and is still selling well as a refurbished phone today. The fact that it’s compact design is largely based around that of the iPhone 5 is one of the main reasons for it’s popularity. The SE model has also been popular with those who don’t quite have the budget for a brand new iPhone, yet still want to remain on the fringe of the technological advances of the brand.

Many believe that the iPhone SE is really a successor to the iPhone 5s, as opposed to being a spin off from the 5th generation of iPhone. As well as having superior internal specifications to the iPhone 5s, the SE also had extra choice of colour. The SE is available in a total of four different colours.

Can I sell my iPhone SE in any colour?

Yes. There are Rose Gold, Space Grey, Silver and Gold available but it doesn't matter. We have buyers for all of them. In terms of storage capacity, the SE was launched with either 16GB or 64GB of built in storage. In early 2017 these amounts were doubled, bringing the final options available today to 32GB and 128GB.

How much is my iPhone SE worth?

Compare trade in prices with SellCompare. All we need is you to grade your phone's condition and then be as accurate as possible in describing it.

How do I sell my used iPhone SE for cash?

There are only really 4 steps to sellign your iPhone SE today for a cash pay-out. Recycle today, here's how:

  • Step 1. Select the correct iPhone SE model/size.
  • Step 2. Compare quotes from over 25 recyclers
  • Step 3. Decide which quote you are happiest with, and proceed to their website.
  • Step 4. You will then be asked to send off your iPhone SE and will receive a cash payment within 2 days.

Anything else I need to know?

Despite being a small iPhone, it packs a punch. With the new increased storage capacity the iPhone SE copes well with the demands from the iOS 10 and iOS 11 operating software. This means that it benefits from all of the latest and greatest features offered by Apple, including the ability to pay with your phone via Apple Pay. The iPhone SE also has the virtual assistant Siri built in. However unlike the version of Siri that was seen in the earlier iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models, the Siri on the iPhone SE is always on, meaning it can be activated by voice at any time if enabled. Other features over and above the 5th generation of iPhone are the ability to take Live Photos and support for the Retina Flash. Despite all of the extra features and other capabilities the iPhone SE has over the 5th generation of iPhone, the battery life has been significantly increased. The overall performance is also regarded as much improved over previous models of iPhone.

Another thing that made the SE such a hit was the fact that it was a definite upgrade from the previous iPhone 5, however physically it was exactly the same. This meant that people who owned an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s could upgrade to a significantly improved device, but still keep the design that they originally fell in love with.


  • How much can you sell an iPhone SE 16GB for?
  • How do I get the most for my iPhone SE 16GB?
  • Can I sell my iPhone SE 16GB if the screen is cracked?

How much can you sell an iPhone SE 16GB for?

The iPhone SE 16GB is more than four years old now, and wasn't the top model when it was released. Therefore you'll only get around £30 for it if you have one to sell. That's still better than nothing though!

How do I get the most for my iPhone SE 16GB?

Like with most things, if you're selling your iPhone SE then you need to shop around for the best offer. Luckily we've already done that for you and have displayed them all on this page.

Can I sell my iPhone SE 16GB if the screen is cracked?

You can sell your old iPhone SE in virtually any condition, but with a cracked screen it is only really worth around £10.

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