Sell Motorola

Find your device by Motorola to begin the recycling process. Click on the specific brand to compare recycler quotes.

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How much can I sell my Motorola for?

The first step is to select the correct Motorola device that you are own, from the list above.

Select the condition - for example, "Working" is very different to "Broken". Make sure to err on the side of caution and then there will be no shocks later. Our providers list their payment terms and times on each page, next to the amount of money you can expect to receive.

How soon will I get paid for my Motorola?

The condition of the Motorola device is the main, determining factor when it comes to price. Like all things, the better condition & quality, the higher the prices you can expect. It also really depends on the recycling company that you choose. Most of the providers we work with, have very fast payout times. Here's how to get paid cash for your X:

  1. Firstly make sure you have selected the right model, it's important this is accurate
  2. Also check that you have chosen the right size, e.g. 256GB is different to 128GB.
  3. Compare prices on the table, and then click to go to the site.
  4. You will get paid cash within 2 days, normally

Do you accept broken/smashed Motorola devices?

Our recyclers don't mind the condition - just as long as you are accurate and clear. We have created an easy 20 second quiz to help you ascertain the condition of your device. If you aren't sure, then we suggest choosing Broken condition as this will mean less disappointment later.