Our Guarantee

SellCompare is proud to compare MORE recyclers than pretty much any other website and firmly believes that the highest device prices are listed right here. Always, at any time - full stop. But if they aren't, then we'll refund you TWICE the difference back!

What's the catch? There isn't one. Just as long as you notify us within 24 hours of placing your order, SellCompare will refund you twice the difference. Please read the below terms and conditions to be sure that you’re eligible:

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must notify us of the claim within 24 ("twenty four") hours of placing an order to sell your device through the SellCompare.co.uk website. The higher price must be available at the time you contact us, and will be determined by our customer claim specialists. If your claim is successful we will pay you double the difference after the order you have placed has been completed and approved. You must provide proof of your completed order to SellCompare.co.uk. Any unfulfilled or cancelled orders will not be counted. Please note: Even if you have located a higher price and wish to claim on Our Guarantee, then you will still need to have placed and finalised the order to be counted.
  2. The prices you are comparing must be a fair and honest "like-for-like" comparison. E.G.: The condition (working, broken) must be the same, the specifications of the device, screen size and general sizing must be identical, and so forth. Imported or non-UK devices will not be counted as part of Our Guarantee and will be declared void. Postage & Payment methods must also match for both orders.
  3. The price you are comparing must be on a legitimate recycling or trade-in website that must be deemed trustworthy. The decision as to whether a recycling company website is deemed to be legitimate and trustworthy is at the sole discretion of SellCompare, who may take into account, among other things, the following:- the number of reviews/ratings that the website has received on a website like Trustpilot, whether the company is contactable easily and readily, whether the prices are publicly listed (websites outside of the public domain are not counted), and whether the website and its pricing is considered to be up-to-date at the time of the claim. All quotes must be priced in GBP £ Sterling. The use of discounted quotes that, for example, are redeemed only when using a staff or private discount, voucher code, cashback or other promotions are not permitted. The decision as to whether to honour a claim under Our Guarantee is at the sole discretion of the management and by partaking in this promotion you agree to consent to all of the above.

How to claim:

To claim, simply email us at the link below and include in your message as follows:

Your details:

1. Your first name and surname
2. Your phone number (mobile is okay)
3. Your email address

Your order details:

1. The name and URL of the recycler you placed your order with
2. The model of the device being sold
3. Your order number (usually from your email confirmation)
3. The date of your current order
4. The name of the company with the better offer
5. The date you saw the higher price
6. The URL to the higher priced product

Send your claim form to us now on: claims@sellcompare.co.uk and a representative will be assigned to your case within 24 hours. All payments are made in cheque or BACS format.