iPhone XR and XS

How the Latest iPhones can save you Money

Considering changing your phone to something more up-to-date? The recent release of Apple’s new iPhone Xs and Xr means that it’s the perfect time to trade in and upgrade. Even if you’re not interested in Apple’s latest offerings, it’s still a great time to get yourself an upgrade. And you can do it without having […]

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Google Android Pie

Google releases Android 9 – Pie

Google have now launched their latest operating system. The free upgrade – named Pie – is currently being rolled out to all compatible devices. Pie features brand new Artificial Intelligence, which promises to make your Android smartphone even smarter. It also simplifies things and makes your smartphone experience more personal. The Pie software features predictive […]

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Must-have Smartphone Accessories

Must-Have Smartphone Accessories

As more people in the world own a smartphone, companies are coming up with more creative accessories. These accessories add both functionality and personalisation. It’s a huge market. With over 2 billion smartphones sold worldwide there’s bound to be an audience for virtually any smartphone accessory. So naturally there are some novelty accessories that are […]

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Gardener Using a MOBILE On Ride-On Mower Is CHARGED By Police

A council worker in Wales  is believed to have become the first ever individual to be charged with using a mobile while operating a vehicle – but not just any vehicle, to be exact: a lawn-mower. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough he was caught right outside a police station in Cardiff. The 47-year-old council […]

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Your old mobile is full of precious metals

A diamond-encrusted iPhone can set you back anything from £10,000 to £10 million. If that kind of bling is a little out of your price range, dom’t worry. Every smartphone contains precious metals including gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. These precious metals are now looking more precious than ever, as increased smartphone demand means that we […]

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Basic brick phones 2018

Brick Phone Sales Surge as People Opt for a Digital Detox

People are becoming far more aware of the implications of using technology all of the time. Whether it’s cyber-bullying, data protection or for mental or physical health reasons, people have been taking breaks from social media and their gadgets. It is thought that this is having a direct impact on the type of phones people […]

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