Gardener Using a MOBILE On Ride-On Mower Is CHARGED By Police

A council worker in Wales  is believed to have become the first ever individual to be charged with using a mobile while operating a vehicle – but not just any vehicle, to be exact: a lawn-mower. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough he was caught right outside a police station in Cardiff. The 47-year-old council […]

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Your old mobile is full of precious metals

A diamond-encrusted iPhone can set you back anything from £10,000 to £10 million. If that kind of bling is a little out of your price range, dom’t worry. Every smartphone contains precious metals including gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. These precious metals are now looking more precious than ever, as increased smartphone demand means that we […]

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Classic Mobile Phones

Classic Mobile Phones that should be Brought Back

With smartphones being a part of our lives for ten years now, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Before these feature-rich gadgets became a necessity even for children, it was all about the ‘wow factor’. Back in the day when all mobile phones had almost the same (lack of) features, the different manufacturers had […]

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