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SellCompare compares prices from ALL the leading device recyclers in the UK, so you'll get the highest price for your Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB - guaranteed. We do all the hard work by collating 1000s of recycling and resell prices every few hours, so you don't have to check each website individually.

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About Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB - prices, trade-in, reviews

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How much is my Galaxy S8 worth?

Unlike its bigger brother, the Galaxy S8 is a more manageable size. Depending on what you want from a phone it's either too small or too big, but it most definitely still has value.

One of the most common refurb Galaxy phones sold today, the prices from our recyclers to buy used Galaxy S8 phones show that it's still in demand.

Currently you can sell your old Galaxy S8 for £340, assuming it's in very good/pristine condition.

Can I sell my damaged Galaxy S8?


We buy and compare ALL Samsung Galaxy S8 phones all day long... And it doesn't matter much about the condition. Of course, the condition of the phone will affect the price that our recyclers pay, but the important thing is just to be honest about it.

Don't be tempted to think you'll get more for it by not being 100% honest -- quite simply, each phone / device is inspected and it will be noticed.

The condition of the Galaxy S8 can be broken down into: Pristine, Working, Broken. Make sure to describe it perfectly when you sell it.

How exactly do I sell my used Galaxy S8?

In 4 steps you can sell your old Samsung Galaxy S8 and get paid cash for it by tomorrow:

  1. Select Settings on the menu, make sure you have the correct phone and capacity.
  2. Choose the right phone and compare the quotes from our recyclers.
  3. Pick the one you want and send them your Galaxy S8 by post.
  4. After 24 hours the phone will be inspected and you you should have received your payment.

That's it - four easy steps to generating some very easy cash to add to your wallet or purse.


  • Can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?
  • How much can I get for my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?
  • How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?

Can I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?

You can sell virtually any phone on this website. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is worth about £110 in good condition, so if you've got one to sell then just select the best offer on this page.

How much can I get for my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?

In good working order, a used Galaxy S8 can fetch over £100. If yours has seen better days then you'll get up to £65 for it. However if it's non-functional it's only worth about £20.

How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy S8 128GB?

It's never been easier to sell your galaxy S8. In fact, all the hard work of comparing offers has been done for you. So just select the best offer from this age to sell your S8 and get some cash.

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