How far will 100GB Data go?

How far will 100GB Data go?

Not so long ago, having a 100GB mobile data allowance (or anything near to that) was unheard of. Today, you can get 100GB of data on your mobile phone tariff for just £25 per month. 100GB is a huge amount of data, and most of us struggle to use our current data allowance to the full. Most of us consider 30Gb to be plenty and cannot fathom using any more than that. However, some people do. So just for fun we’ll show you exactly what 100GB (or 100,000MB) of data will get you.


One of the main things that we all want from our smartphones these days is the ability to download content. Gone are the days when you have to connect to your home WiFi network to download large files. With 100GB of data every month you could easily download songs or movies directly to your handset as you please. 100GB of data would allow you to download 20,000 songs per month, or over 800 different apps. So when you’re on the go you will never have to worry about how much you can download when you have a 100GB mobile data plan. And with the kinds of connection speeds that we’re used to seeing these days you can rest assured that it won’t take you long to download things either.


Keep in Touch

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, it’s important to keep in touch with those important to you. While audio calling has been around for years and is virtually free on most data plans, with the advent of cameras on our smartphones it’s much better to see the faces of our loved ones too.

There’s something so much better about video calling compared to old fashioned audio calling. When you have 100GB of data to play with every month, there’s no need to keep things short and sweet. In fact, 100GB of data will allow you chat for a staggering 230 hours. That’s almost 10 days non-stop!


Surf the Web

One of the most powerful features of any smartphone is the fact that it can access the internet. Even the cheapest, most basic entry-level smartphone is capable of browsing the internet. Which means it has access to virtually all information ever discovered by man. Using your phone’s internet browse you can search online for information about the weather, find out what your friends are doing via social media, or find out who sang that song that’s currently stuck in your head. The possibilities are endless. Running out of data can be huge pain if you’re right in the middle of doing one of these things. Which is why 100GB of data per month sounds so good – it will allow you to surf the internet for 5,000 hours before cutting out. That’s over 200 days, month.

If you’d rather use the internet to send emails, then you’d be pleased with a 100GB per month data allowance too. Having such an allowance would let you download just over 40,000 emails per month, which is almost one email per minute 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where to get 100GB of data

Three 100GB data SIM
Currently Three are the only network advertising a 100GB data SIM

So you’re convinced that you want to download 20,000 songs, 800 apps or 40,000 emails per month? Or you want to chat to friends or family for 230 hours every month, or surf the internet constantly? Well in that case you definitely need a 128GB data plan on your smartphone. Currently the only network offering 100GB data on their packages is Three, and this is for £25 per month. EE in the past have offered a free upgrade to 100GB for 2 months if you are already a customer. It’s highly likely that they will be offering this again in the summer. Virgin Media offer unlimited data to anyone who is already a Virgin Media customer. This costs just £20 per month.



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