Gardener Using a MOBILE On Ride-On Mower Is CHARGED By Police

A council worker in Wales  is believed to have become the first ever individual to be charged with using a mobile while operating a vehicle – but not just any vehicle, to be exact: a lawn-mower. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough he was caught right outside a police station in Cardiff.

The 47-year-old council employee faces a fine of around £200 and 6 penalty points if he’s found guilty of victimisation his phone at the traffic lights outside of station house in Cardiff on Tues.

The man was followed by South Wales law enforcement officials agency noticed him allegedly victimisation his mobile whereas driving on Cowbridge Road West. Cowbridge about 2 miles from central Cardiff, Wales.

Cardiff Council confirmed that he was a member of council workers which he may face disciplinary action at a later date.: “The council are going to be following up this matter in line with council policy and procedure.”

The council are going to be following up this matter in line with council policy and procedure.”

Accused of illicitly employing a phone at the wheel on a public road, the gardener is to seem at a a magistrates court later this month, according to the Telegraph.

Motorists who are caught are liable to pay a fine of £200 or have six penalty points placed on their licence.

Approximately 1,200 drivers have been disqualified since the introduction of these stricter penalties in 2017, which includes the draconion measures that the gardener was charged under presumably.

Neil Smith, Imperial Cars’ operations director said: “Breaking the habit of touching your phone whilst in the driver’s seat can be challenging, especially with the technological advancements that come as standard on most mobile phones, but the risks you impose on both yourself and others when distracted behind the wheel are really not worth it. Unfortunately, the number of drivers still opting to ignore the law is scarily high.”

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