iPhone X Successor Rumours

iPhone X Successor Rumours

Without a shadow of a doubt, the iPhone has been one of the most exciting products ever released by Apple. This suitable markd the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It also changed the direction that smartphones are heading for. The iPhone X has set a new benchmark for both design and features.

But what next? It’s one thing to make a flagship phone, but it’s another to follow it up suitably. If the rumours are anything to go by, then apparently Apple are now working on a pair of smartphones that will build on the foundations created by the iPhone X. There are also rumours that they will use the iPhone 10 as the mainline product. They will base both a premium and a budget model of iPhone on this.

iPhone X Plus

Forbes have obtained Schematics from a company called Ghostek, which make accessories to suit the iPhone. According to these, there is a super-sized version of the iPhone X in the pipeline. This is as well as similar-sized low-cost model. The latter that is thought to retain many of the iPhone X’s features, but within a more affordable package.

This has immediately sparked rumours of an iPhone X Plus, which could feature a huge 6.5 inch display. It could also have a smaller footprint than the 5.5inch iPhone 8 Plus. However it may have a steel chassis, which would easily make it heavier than the aluminium chassis in the iPhone 8 Plus.

There are also rumours circulating that the latest offering from Apple will feature a triple rear camera system. This is similar to that used by the Huawei P20 Pro. That could mean that the monochrome camera could be paired with primary and telephoto modules. This would considerably improve the ability of the handset to take photos in low light.

Speculation suggest that the new super-sized iPhone X Plus will be released alongside a standard second-generation version of the iPhone X. The second generation will stick with the current dual camera approach. This will enable the smartphone to hit a lower price point and therefore make it more affordable.

The rumours are definitely intriguing. And as September gets closer it won’t be long until we find out whether the hearsay is true.

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