iPhone XS Problems

iPhone XS Problems

The latest iPhone has already had it’s fair share of problems despite only being released less than one month ago. Unfortunately for Apple there have also been reports of another major issue with the new model.  This is weak LTE connections with the  iPhone XS and XS Max.

Affected users have noticed fewer signal bars on their handsets than on older devices. However, it doesn’t appear to be a universal problem. Apple are doing their best to resolve the issues as soon as possible.


Apple’s help groups have been addressing various clients influenced with the issue and requesting that they introduce logging programming so it can find if the blame is in equipment, programming, transporter comms, or (undoubtedly) an inquisitively ungainly blend of every one of the three. Juli Clover reports:

We’ve heard comparable reports from MacRumors perusers who have requested give gadget logs from engineers while investigating the issue.

iPhone XS and XS Max proprietors started whining about LTE network and flag issues soon after the two gadgets propelled on September 17. Numerous clients have found recognizable contrasts in cell gathering between iPhone XS models and more established iPhones like the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

Tweaking transporter firmware with a point discharge is just the same old thing new. And each producer – including Apple – has done as such before. What attracts me to this is Apple effectively captivating with its client base to get information to comprehend the issue

This is the best approach to do client bolster. To recognize, to tune in, to analyze, and to settle. It’s something that is woefully missing with different issues around the iPhone XS and XS Max. Maybe the LTE group need to take their great conduct and help the battery group out?

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