Roundup of the Latest iPhone Rumours

Roundup of the Latest iPhone Rumours

August is coming to an end and September is almost within touching distance. In the world of smartphones this can only mean one thing -the reveal of a new iPhone. This time last year Apple announced the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone X particularly raised the bar in what we can expect from Apple in the future. Here are just a few of the rumours that have been circulating the mill so far.

Three New iPhones

If we are to beleive rumours, then Apple won’t be releasing just one smartphone this year. According to experts, Apple are going to announce the release of three separate iPhone models. One of these isthought to be an upgrade to the flagship and astronomically expensive iPhone X. Another could well be a ‘Plus’ version. The third release is thought to suit the budget-friendly end of the market. It is highly likely to be called the iPhone 9. Apple tends to make their announcements during the first or second week of September, on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. So people are speculating that the 11th of September 2018 will be an exciting day for iPhone lovers.

New iPhone Model Names

It is thought that Apple will continue on from last years numbers in terms of model names. So the new iPhone X is thought to be the iPhone X2, and the smaller one the iPhone 9. Others have suggested that Apple may go back to adding the ‘s’ suffix to improved models of iPhone. This means that we could this year see the iPhone Xs.

iPhone X2

New Features

Most people are probably more interested in the exciting new features that will be added to the new iPhones. The iPhone X released last year was one of the biggest updates to a smartphone in recent years, so has really set a high standard for subsequent releases. The iPhone X features an all-screen front, wireless charging, dual camera and of course facial recognition.  It is thought that there won’t be much new with the latest iPhone, just improvements.

It is thought that the iPhone X is so advanced that it has in effect laid the foundations for the next decade of iPhones.  So we can expect to see the same sort of features eventually being rolled out across all iPhones over the next few years, It is also very likely that we will no longer see the home button on the front of the iPhone in the future. This will enable a larger screen area.

Battery Life

One of the things that lets the iPhone (as well as many other smartphones) down is the battery life. All of this powerful technology coupled with ever-increasing screen sizes means that the battery has to work very hard. Rumours dictate that we can expect to see a 25% improvement on battery life across the new range of iPhones, although this is a rumour that seems to surface every year.

New iPhone Colours

The colours for the 2018 iPhones are thought to be grey, white, blue, red and orange. Other sources believe that this is unlikely for the premium successor to the iPhone X and more likely for the cheaper model. As well all know red was used last year and did prove to be quite successful, so it’s likely that Apple will capitalise on this by releasing another red phone this year.

Apple Pencil

There are also rumours that Apple are keen to make more of their Pencil technology which they already use on the high-end iPads However as this is such a huge leap in terms of technical innovation it’s likely that this will be something that they are already working on for future releases. So, perhaps that’s one for the 2019 iPhone.


2018 iPhone Software

Apple have already revealed that the new iPhones will be launching with iOS 12, so we know that they will have enhancements to photos and Siri. Apart from the software update, none of the above is anywhere near certain at all. Apple have been known to surprise us in the past so what’s to say that they won’t do exactly the same thing next month?



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