Samsung Improves Camera Technology

Samsung Improves Camera Technology

Nowadays, the camera on a smartphone is often regarded as one of its most important features. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their cameras and offer the ability to take better quality images than ever before. This makes their latest releases stand out even more in an ever more competitive market.

Samsung is looking to raise the bar of camera standards even further with the launch of a new and innovative imaging technology known as Isocell Plus. Isocell Plus will allow future Samsung smartphone cameras to capture more light. This will significantly. Increase the light sensitivity of their cameras as well as the fidelity of colour.

Samsung have been working with Fujifilm to develop this improvement to their image sensors, which are an important component of smartphone cameras. The image sensor stores light and transmits the colour information to the photodiode, which uses these colours for the final image.

Isocell and Isocell Plus

The way that current Isocell technology works, is by creating a physical barrier between pixels to reduce the amount of colour bleeding and allow each pixel to absorb and store more light. The metal barrier currently used in Isocell technology is to be replaced with a specific material developed by Fujifilm for Isocell Plus. This material is able to minimise optical loss as well as light reflection.

But what does that mean for normal smartphone users like you and me? Well, it is estimated that a super resolution camera that can take 20MP images or higher will benefit from a 15% improvement in image quality. It also means that with upgrades like this to their cameras, Samsung are virtually irrefutably the pioneers when it comes to smartphone technology.

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