Will Apple Release a Cheaper iPhone in 2018?

Will Apple Release a Cheaper iPhone in 2018?

Apple have had a lot of time in the limelight recently. The flagship iPhone X released alongside the iPhone 8 received a lot of attention at the end of 2017. So much so, that we all completely forgot about the rumours of a new phone release in 2018. This phone is the iPhone SE2.

iPhone SE
The iPhone SE was incredibly successful as a budget iPhone, which is why a second version is rumoured

Apple released the original iPhone SE in 2016 as a more budget-friendly way of owning an iPhone. The iPhone SE featured the older design of the iPhone 5, while packing solid specs from later iPhone 6 models. What seemed like a great way to get rid of a load of old iPhone 5 shells, turned out to be a smart move. The iPhone SE was incredibly successful, as people loved the tough reliability of the 4 inch screen and metal chassis. So it wouldn’t be a major surprise if Apple released a sequel.

iPhone SE2 Rumour

The rumour of the iPhone SE2 started in China. The Economic Daily News paper reported that the Indian company Wistron was looking to buy a new land in order to expand its factory. Wistron are responsible for manufacturing the iPhone SE back in 2016. So it could be that they are now preparing to build a sequel.

Other rumours about the iPhone SE2 are that Apple will release it in the early summer of 2018, and that it would feature a glass back and wireless charging. Reassuringly, it is not rumoured to feature the same 3D-sensing functionality as the flagship iPhone X. This means that it could well be a more affordable option for the iPhone customer. Keeping the original SE design and just upgrading the processor would be a great way to release a budget iPhone.

If the rumours are true, then it means that Apple will be releasing three new models of iPhone this year. And if the delayed launch of the iPhone X last year is anything to go by, then it is unlikely that they will have the resources to successfully launch three models. But with smartphone sales slowly declining, a budget handset would be a good move, so maybe if production of the iPhone X slows down then this will free up valuable resources for an iPhone SE2.

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