Half of UK Children own a Mobile Phone

Half of UK Children own a Mobile Phone

Research by Childwise has revealed that over half of children in the UK own a mobile phone (PDF). The report surveyed 2,000 children up to 16 years of age. Out of these children, 64% said that they owned their own mobile phone. A further 10% said that they had access to one.

This isn’t a record high though. The number of children under 16 with a mobile phone actually peaked at 73% ten years ago in 2008. But the study gives firm evidence that young people have more access to technology than ever before.

Packed with Features

Mobile phones are so packed with features nowadays that they serve as the go-to device for children’s media activity. Whether it’s listening to music, checking social media or even watching Netflix, mobile phones are the device of choice.

The study by Childwise also highlighted that almost 20% of children aged five and six own a mobile phone, and over 40% of children aged seven and eight owned one. The percentage increased to 59% of 9 and 10-year olds, and a staggering 91% of 11 year olds now own a mobile phone.

The study also highlighted that the most common uses for mobile phones among young people in the UK are making and receiving calls, texting and browsing the internet. Other popular activities included playing games, downloading apps and using the phone’s camera to take pictures.

Let’s not forget that children often spend too long on their devices, although some of them don’t actually use them at all once the novelty wears off. If that sounds like you or your child, there is little point in leaving your old unused device lying around – why not sell it for some money? Sell My Phone buys things like iPads.

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