Sell my Apple iPad

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Guide: Selling your iPad

Need to sell your old iPad? Then fret no more, because Sell Compare checks resale and recycler prices from over 25 different buyers — such as musicMagpie, Mazuma Mobile and many more. We compare iPad prices all day, every day... It's what we do!

How do I sell my old iPad?

It only takes a few seconds, here's how to sell your old unwanted Apple iPad or iPad Pro today

  • Step 1. Look up what iPad you have — which specific model. Go to Settings > About.
  • Step 2. Also note here the size/capacity of the iPhone — for example if it's a Pro and if it's 256/512GB... this is also important.
  • Step 3. Click your iPad model above.
  • Step 4. Choose the best price, and click the Sell button. Post your old iPad and after a few days you will get paid cash!

Brief history of the iPad

The iPad is the best-known and arguably the original tablet computer. It's designed, developed and sold by Apple, and it runs the iOS and iPadOS operating systems. The first iPad was released back in 2010, and since then Apple have sold over 360 million of them. All iPads have Wi-Fi connecting capability, with the top of the range models also having cellular connectivity.

As well as take photos, shoot videos and play music, iPads can also be used to perform most internet functions such as emailing, streaming content and browsing the internet. You can also download applications (otherwise known as ‘apps’) to play games, use GPS navigation, and use social media. Apples own App Store has over a million apps available to download – by both Apple as well as third parties.

How much is my old iPad worth?

The most expensive iPad trade-in price is currently £799! This is for the top-of-the-range iPad Pro, launched in 2019, and in working condition. Note that we compare prices for broken/screen damaged/water damage iPads as well — just be sure to be as accurate as possible when you describe the condition of your device.

Do you compare Cellular and Wi-Fi iPad prices?

Yes. We compare recycling prices for the iPad mini, iPad Pro, and ALL generations of iPad — going back to when they first launched in the UK! If the iPad has been sold in the UK, then we compare the resale prices.

Which recycler is best? Who pays more?

Sell Compare checks prices from over 25 retailers, sometimes over 40 if the product is really popular. The best way to find out who pays the most, is to check the comparison table on the relevant page.

Don't forget that we also compare recycler iPhone prices for any older iPhones you might have, too.