Latest iPhone 12 rumours and leaks

Latest iPhone 12 rumours and leaks

It only seemed like yesterday that we were all celebrating the release of the iPhone 11 range, but this was now almost 6 months ago. How time flies.

We don’t know the name of the iPhone 12 yet, but that’s what everyone is calling it so far. It could be that Apple skip a few numbers like Samsung recently have with their hot new Galaxy S20 range. We’ll keep you updated on the latest leaks and stories about the new 2020 iPhone range – there are sure to be at least 3, perhaps even 4, new models coming out this year.

So what are the most likely and least likely features that the new iPhone range will have? Here we review them in order and describe how likely each one is (or isn’t). It’ll be interesting to see how accurate some of these rumours are.

Most likely: 5G

The most likely: In addition to perhaps introducing 3D depth-sensing to its rear cameras and new screen sizes for the year’s iPhones, it’s also being speculated that Apple will belatedly include a feature that would make it competitive with its rivals: 5G connectivity.

5G connectivity was hotly rumoured to be part of the iPhone 11 range (launched last September) but it quickly became apparent that Apple were not going to release the tech just yet, much to the disappointment of fans. And it’s rumoured that the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max sales have taken a bit of a beating as a result. After all, most other smartphones from the likes of Huawei and Oppo as well as Samsung have all featured 5G for some time. So why is Apple so far behind the curve? Nobody seems to know, but it’s surely time to launch 5G as the technology develops apace and becomes much more omnipresent everywhere.

iPhone SE2 – delayed again?

Everyone knows that iPhone updates come in September, and we can’t see any reason why Apple would buck the trend now. That’s still a whole 6 months away, as of writing.

But one interesting rumour is that the iPhone SE 2 will be out very shortly, perhaps even as soon as March 2020 in the UK. Folks may remember the first one all those years ago, the iPhone SE 1 – check recycling prices here if you still have one lying around.

This is one that just don’t go away; indeed rumours have been hitting fever pitch lately, with a number of not-so-secret leaks making their way onto the internet.

All of this is probably up in the air as the coronavirus is severely affecting Chinese production – more and more stories like this one are coming out, and it’s probable that the iPhone 9 (that’s what some are calling the iPhone SE 2) will be delayed as a result.

Obviously if it’s having such an effect on the iPhone SE 2 then it’s also likely that shipping for the iPhone 12 will be delayed somewhat as well. Nobody really knows at this point, it’s almost a case of guesswork.

The coronavirus also (allegedly) caused the cancellation of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the biggest phone show of the year, where companies such as LG and Huawei were set to release their new devices.

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