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  • The smart way to buy a Galaxy S20

    The smart way to buy a Galaxy S20

    It’s finally out in the UK, and Samsung have decided to call their new flagship the S20 range. What happened to the S11? We don’t know, but obviously the Samsung marketing guys know best. So what do you do, if you can’t really afford £1000+ on a new mobile? Trade in the old one for […]

  • Latest iPhone 12 rumours and leaks

    Latest iPhone 12 rumours and leaks

    It only seemed like yesterday that we were all celebrating the release of the iPhone 11 range, but this was now almost 6 months ago. How time flies. We don’t know the name of the iPhone 12 yet, but that’s what everyone is calling it so far. It could be that Apple skip a few […]

  • Revealed: Lenovo Z5

    Revealed: Lenovo Z5

    Lenovo have finally revealed details of their latest development – a mid-range smartphone that goes by the name of the Z5. Lenovo exclusilvey revealed the Z5 at a mobile phone event in Beijing. The public’s first impressions were positive, as they showed it’s slick design off to the world for the first time. Lenovo have […]

  • Revealed: Moto Z3 Play

    Revealed: Moto Z3 Play

    Motorola have been making popular mid-range smartphones ever since the Z-range was released. However when it comes to technology, you must evolve with the times or risk dying. To try and evolve, Motorola have revealed their latest creation – the Moto Z3 Play. The Moto Z3 Play will introduce desirable features and bring the device […]

  • Nokia 1 Hits UK Stores

    Nokia 1 Hits UK Stores

    Nokia have released an affordable handset that aims to deliver a solid and robust smartphone experience while still being suitable for those on a tight budget. The Nokia 1 is the latest in a long line of affordable mobile phones, and is available to buy from EE, O2, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and other selected retailers […]

  • Budget Smartphone: Honor 7S

    Budget Smartphone: Honor 7S

    When it comes to smartphones, you get what you pay for. If you spend £100 then you can normally expect old technology and poor performance. However there are a handful of manufacturers who are working hard to buck the trend. Their aim is to offer the premium features and functionality for a fraction of the […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 launches

    Samsung Galaxy S9 launches

    It featured in our most exciting smartphones of 2018 list, and comes highly anticipated. Finally, after months of rumours and speculation, Samsung  have unveiled the new Galaxy S9 mobile phone. Opinions of the device so far have been a bit of a mixed bag. Some people think that it will outsell the flagship iPhone X […]

  • Nokia make a Comeback with 4 New Smartphones

    Nokia make a Comeback with 4 New Smartphones

    Back in the day, Nokia was the undisputed bestseller of mobile phones in Europe. However, with the advent of smartphones (the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy in particular), Nokia lost it’s top spot and struggled to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing gadget industry. For quite a while we had all forgotten about Nokia. […]

  • What is Android Go?

    What is Android Go?

    Google are soon to be releasing a new version of Android, but it’s not Android P. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until summer 2018 before they release Android Popsicle, Pancake, Peanut Butter or whatever it’s going to be called. In the meantime, there is Android Go. Android Go is a version of Android that […]

  • HTC Desire 12 Details Leaked

    HTC Desire 12 Details Leaked

    HTC have had some hard times over the fast few months. Chialin Chang, the president of smartphones for HTC resigned at the end of 2017. This coincided with the fact that Google recruited some of their best engineers to work on their Pixel phone. And just when things couldn’t get much worse for HTC, someone […]