Launch Date Confirmed for the Nokia 2

Launch Date Confirmed for the Nokia 2

Nokia have confirmed that they will be releasing their latest budget smartphone at the end of the month. The mobile phone giant announced that it will hit the shelves in shops throughout the UK on 26th February. The Nokia 2 is aimed at people who are looking for a more affordable type of smartphone, and is the latest in a series of phones to be released by the tech giant.

The main features of the Nokia 2 are:

  • LTPS IPS screen
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB expandable internal storage
  • Snapdragon 212 processor
  • 8mp rear-facing camera
  • 5mp selfie camera

Although these features aren’t exactly exciting, they are exactly what you would expect from a budget mobile phone. If the Nokia 2 sells for £99 then it will represent good value for money.

Nokia 2
The new Nokia 2 boasts a ‘mammoth’ battery that will last for 2 days with intermediate usage

Battery Power

One thing that does stand out about the Nokia 2 though, is the 4,100mAh built-in battery. This mammoth size brings back great memories of the good old days. Back when a mobile phone would hold a charge for more than just a single day. Nokia claim that the Nokia 2 will be able to last for at least two days before it needs recharging.

To compare, the latest iPhone X from Apple costs ten times as much at £999, and features a 2,716mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy S8 costs just over £600 and boasts a 3,500mAh battery.


What to Expect

In terms of a smartphone, the battery life is probably the only thing that the Nokia 2 has to shout about. However when it comes to other features such as the Snapdragon quad-core processor and two cameras, the phone is pretty bog standard and will not match the speeds of the more expensive counterparts such as the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8. But if you’re going to spend less than £100 on a smartphone then you will probably know that you will have to make a couple of sacrifices, and the Nokia 2 looks like a great choice if you are on a budget.

Nokia have said that they have developed the Nokia 2 to ensure that every component draws as little power as possible from the larger battery, giving increased duration between charges which Nokia fans expect. The Nokia 2 also boasts a durable design made form premium materials, so that it can remain stylish while being practical. It has been built to last in every way, and could well hold the same prestige as the Nokia 3310 in years to come.

The latest offering from Nokia could be the beginning of something new – increased battery life for our smartphones. Hopefully in the coming months and years rationing the battery to get us through the day will be a thing of the past – meaning that we can do even more with our phones.



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