The smart way to buy a Galaxy S20

The smart way to buy a Galaxy S20

It’s finally out in the UK, and Samsung have decided to call their new flagship the S20 range. What happened to the S11? We don’t know, but obviously the Samsung marketing guys know best.

So what do you do, if you can’t really afford £1000+ on a new mobile? Trade in the old one for maximum cash, of course!

Here’s our handy guide to getting maximum moolah today, for your existing mobile. If you’ve used a screen protector, then good on you, because you may be surprised just how much money you can get for recycling your old Samsung model.

If you want to compare prices on the new S20 Ultra on pay monthly then check out oneCompare. Our sister site compares contract prices, so you don’t get ripped off.

Cheapest way to get a new S20 revealed

Although Samsung do offer a trade-in service for those who want a nice, new shiny Samsung phone in return for recyling their older model, it’s not the most cost-effective way to do things, according to our research.

Samsung Recycle isn’t actually run by Samsung, it’s a third-party that is using their branding/image rights only. Although we can’t vouch for them, it’s not one of the websites that we compare recycling prices from.

Here are the best prices for recycling your old Samsung phones as of today:

Here’s an example: You have a Galaxy S10e in good/working condition, with no screen scratches. Everything powers on, the battery works fine, and there is no water damage. O2 will pay you £199, which you can then use to put towards a new S20 on contract.

The current cheapest monthly price is £22 a month, on a 36 month contract, with £250 up front. Take off the £199 and that leaves a princely sum of £51 only, payable today. Not bad for a phone that costs over a grand, eh?

So should I get the S20, or the S20 Ultra?

There are actually THREE new S20 models this time round. Gone are the days of the standard and the larger model, Samsung have decided that this time round they want to bring even more choice to the table.

But will it confuse people; is having too much choice really a good thing? Samsung certainly seems to think so, going by their current “A” series range: The A10, A20e, A40, A50, A51, A70, A71, A90 5G… Did we miss any!? Probably…

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