Top Five Battery Saving Tips

Top Five Battery Saving Tips

One of the biggest gripes that many of us have with our smartphones is the battery life. Without sufficient charge, our phones are virtually useless and a lot of us feel lost. There are a few things that we can all do to make our mobile phone battery life go further. So without further ado, we present to you our top five battery saving tips!

Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi etc.

Smartphones are cleverer than ever, which means that there are a lot of settings that you can enable simultaneously. Unless you need an endless fountain of knowledge at your fingertips, then you don’t need these features enabled all at once. Toggle your WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth on and off to save precious battery life.

Location Services

Have you ever notice that your phone’s battery is zapped if you use a satnav app on your phone for more than just a few minutes? Many apps on your phone use the location services feature, which is a big battery drain. The majority of these apps are tracking your location in the background, all of the time. So go to your phone’s location settings and ensure that location services is only enabled for the few relevant apps that you actually use. This tip will significantly improve your battery life. If you really want your battery to last, then turn it off altogether when not in use.

Adjust Screen Brightness
Adjusting your screen’s brightness is a great way of conserving battery life

Adjust your Screen Brightness

These days, when it comes to smartphones, it’s all about the screen size. As a result we all have much larger screens on our phones than we used to a few years ago. The screen is a big power suck on your phone’s battery. This is because it’s on for almost all of the time that you use your mobile phone. One of the simplest ways to conserve the battery life is to turn down your screen brightness. That way, you use less energy to power the backlight. The general rule is that the dimmer you set your screen, the longer your battery will last. Try it and see for yourself.

Turn off Notifications

Every time your phone notifies you of something it uses some of your battery. Although you only use a small amount of battery when you receive a notification, you have to remember that this applies to every phone call, text, social media notification or push message from every single app installed on your phone. If you have lots of apps, then that will mean a lot of notifications. And therefore a lot of your battery being eaten up. Go to your phone’s notification settings to sort out which apps you actually want to receive notifications for. In addition to saving your battery you will probably find that you are less distracted by your phone when you don’t want to be, and less of an annoying person in social situations.

Clear Background Screens

Every time you open a new screen on your phone, it stays open for quick loading and viewing at a later date. Although a handy feature when you’re on the go, this feature uses a fair chunk of your battery. If your battery is looking a bit low or you just want it to last a bit longer throughout the day, then simple clear all of your open screens before you put your phone down. You will likely be surprised about how many you have open at any one time. The typical person will have a screen open for each of the following: messaging, social media, banking apps, picture gallery, games, calculators and to do lists. If you have an Apple iPhone then you probably will have even more.

So there you have it. Hopefully by adopting at least one or two of these tips on the odd occasion it could help to conserve your phone’s battery and make it go further. Don’t forget that in a real emergency where battery life is considerably important, you can turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode when not in use. Doing so will make your battery last significantly longer. However it will not be able to receive calls, messages or any other communications while in this mode.



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