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Gecko Mobile Recycling is the trading name of Gadget Recycling Ltd., a Limited company registered in England & Wales (Company No. 8765449). They are transparent about who they are, their reputation and how they protect your personal information. With so many mobile recyclers out there, it's hard to know who to choose. Online reviews are the best way of assessing the reputation of a company. Unfortunately, these are often fabricated and people often distrust online reviews as a result. To demonstrate their credibility, they have chosen to use as their review platform. have a number of checks and balances in place to fight fake reviews, and reviews placed on their website are widely regarded as trustworthy because of this.Here are some reasons they think you should Go Gecko today! All of their customers who left a review on the independent review website loved their service. Get the price quoted, or your mobile returned for free! Get paid via instant bank transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin or cheque the same day they receive your device. They also provide pre-paid 1st Class tracked postage. If you see a better offer somewhere else - let them know, they will beat it! They will text youwhen they receive your device and when they have sent payment. Do not throw away your faulty phone or tablet. If you sell it to themthey will refurbish it, extending its life and helping the environment.How they protect your personal information: Your connection to their website is encrypted (you can tell because the web address starts with https rather than http) which means that if anyone intercepts the information you submit to them they will not be able to make sense of it as it will appear ‘jumbled’. they are careful with any personal information you submit and handle it in accordance with our Privacy Policy.Other recyclers have a reputation for luring in customers with inflated prices, just to mark down the value of their mobile unless it is in like-new condition. Gecko Mobile Recycling understands that most used devices will have some wear, so they only reduce the price (slightly!) if the device has excessive cosmetic wear (most handsets get the full price quoted). This ensures everyone gets a good and fair price for the mobile they are trading in. If they do have to adjust their offer because your sale does not meet their terms and conditions, you can ask them to return your mobile or accept the adjusted offer.The price quoted is valid for 10 days from the date you register your sale. If they receive your mobile after this, it will be valued at the website price on the day they receive it.They will send payment the same day they receive your mobile, excluding weekends and public holidays. The free Royal Mail postage label they provide is for next day delivery, so you could be paid tomorrow!How to sell your phone:Step 1: Simplyclick your phone model shown in the page. Step 2: Your phone options. Click the right description and its condition. Step 3: Your Details (encrypted)After you register, their sale the team will send a pre-paid tracked returns postage label, packaging and instructions to your address. They will send Sell Order status updates via email and send payment the same day they receive your phone.They provide detailed instructions on posting your handset or tablet to them after you have registered your sale. The Royal Mail 1st Class postage label they give you is fully tracked so you know where your mobile is at all times. Postage is always free.Because they are not a massive corporation, every customer counts. If you call, you won't have to deal with automated switchboards or staff at an outsourced call centre. Instead, you'll get straight through to someone in-house who genuinely wants to help you. Moreover, you can track your parcel every step of its way to them, and they will text and/or email you once it arrives at their premises and again once they have finished checking your mobile and sent payment. They understand that knowing the whereabouts of your expensive handset or tablet is important to you, especially when using a mobile recycling service you haven't used before.


Really bad instead of waiting for o2 to unlock my phone they were still going to get me to accept a £40 loss. Stay away from this company, they advertise a phone number which is just a voicemail. Warning don’t use them

lesley hunter

I realised after I’d sent my phone in that I’d not put the offer information in the packaging so my phone had no information for myself with it. I emailed gecko mobile explaining what I’d done and giving them my Royal Mail tracker information. They used the information and located my phone and the full money was in my account t...

Emma lane

Absolutely shocking company DO NOT USE! Sent my mobile off to them and they made me a offer for my phone, I wasn’t happy with the offer so I asked for the phone to be returned, soon as I requested the phone to be returned I was sent a email saying my mobile phone couldn’t be returned because it is blocked by my network ‘ I spok...

Gary Hall

I sent 2 phones back. Posted special delivery 1200 wednesday and had money in my account by 1900 on thursday. 1 iphone 6s 16gb received full payment and the other iphone 6s 64gb was deducted £20 due to battery not functioning fully. Very pleased with how this company do business.

Richard Frame

An honest trustworthy company that excels in customer service. Would not hesitate to use them again, pleasure to deal with. Superb communications and support.


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