Sell my Samsung Galaxy

Compare recycling and trade-in prices, sell your Samsung today for cash!

How to sell your Samsung Galaxy phone

It has served you well, been your loyal friend — but it's now time to trade it in, and sell your Galaxy phone for cold, hard cash!

So what do you do when you need to sell your old Samsung Galaxy phone? Check Sell Compare of course... We compare recycler quotes from all the largest UK recycling and refurb companies, meaning you will get the maximum cash payout for your used or damaged Galaxy S or Galaxy A phone. We also compare recycling prices on the Galaxy Note tablet range here.

So how much can I get for selling my Galaxy phone?

The recycling prices get updated every few hours, and generally they go down as time goes on. Here are the latest up-to-date prices for your used Samsung Galaxy:

  1. Galaxy S10 5G 256GB- Working condition, worth £490.00
  2. Galaxy S10 512GB — Screen damaged condition, worth £313.10
  3. Galaxy A70 — Damaged condition, worth £95.00
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB — Working condition, worth £278.00

What happens to my old Galaxy after I sell it?

Firtly if you're worried about privacy concerns then make sure to wipe the contents fully before sale. Most recyclers will ask you to do this, as well as unlock it fully. It is known as a factory reset and Samsung provide instructions here.

With that out of the way, the next step is to compare quotes from our list of Samsung recyclers. You don't have to sell it to Samsung themselves, although they do offer a recycling service via a third-party if you prefer that method.

To compare Galaxy phone quotes just click on the relevant phone model and capacity. If you don't know what model you have, then look on the back! That will tell you the general idea, but it won't tell you the capacity eg 256GB. To find this out, you need to go to Menu > Settings > About Device in Android.

What is the process for selling my Galaxy phone?

It's all very easy once you know how:

  • Step 1 — Choose the right Galaxy phone, eg Galaxy S8+
  • Make sure you select the correct capacity — such as 256GB
  • Compare buyer prices, these are updated every hour.
  • Finally send off your Galaxy device by post. You can expect to receive payment within a few days max.

How long will it take to get paid?

Our recyclers will pay out between 1-3 days normally, if you need the funds urgently (to put towards a newer phone maybe, like a new Galaxy S21 Ultra on contract perhaps?!) then make sure to choose a suitable payout method. For example, Music Magpie try to pay out the SAME day they receive the device — now that is quick!