Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions – below are the most frequently asked ones (FAQs). Please be sure to read them in full, but if you still need help then contact the Sell Compare team here

What is Sell Compare and how does it work?

Instead of throwing out your old device, why not sell it for some easy cash? If you've tried selling your old gadgets before then you probably know that prices for old devices can vary hugely.

Sell Compare was created to make it easy to compare prices to get the most cash for your phone or tablet - and it's completely free and unbiased. And it isn't just for phones, despite the name, we also quote for tablets and other related devices like Apple Watches. Try it now, for example: compare prices for your old iPad here.

I'm a recycler – can I be added to your website?

Yes. Please get in touch with a member of the team, we are always looking to work with new recyclers.

What is an IMEI number?

It's a number unique to your device - a bit like a vehicle registration plate, but for mobiles. Every device has one! An IMEI number is 15 digits long and can provide some information about your device - the brand, size, model and so on. It's helpful if you don't know what device you have and will allow our search engine to look it up quickly. It's completely free and anonymous.

Example IMEI number format: 4839251079285019

How do I search by IMEI number?

On your device, go to the dial screen (as if you're about to dial a phone number). Then press/type the buttons: # ✱ 0 6 # - in that order (that's Hash, Asterisk, Zero, Six, Hash). Your device will then show your 15-digit number. Note the IMEO number down and type it into the text box above or at the top of any page, and click Search.

How do I add my gadget recycling business to your price comparison service?

Get in touch with us here to discuss partnership opprtunities.

Are the recycler companies listed legitimate?

Sell Compare carefully reviews each company before adding it to this website. As a policy we only work with companies that are listed on Trustpilot, have been established for at least 1 year, and have visible contact information available.

If you would like to review or report any issues or problems about one of the recyclers featured on this website, then please use the relevant Trustpilot review page.

Is using Sell Compare safe?

Yes. We do NOT handle your trade-in transaction, nor can we see any of your payment details. This website simply compares the best prices for various UK tech recyclers. You deal directly with the recycler company - including the payment and mailing of your device. Sell Compare uses the latest SSL technology and all our providers use CheckMEND to verify if your device is stolen or lost, before payment is issued.

How do you rate the recycler companies listed?

Sell Compare uses Trustpilot's independent scoring system. Trustpilot is regarded as one of the most advanced review websites today. All of the feedback and testimonials on this website are from Trustpilot, who attempt to verify the accuracy of every review. Sell Compare considers this a much more robust system than allowing random visitors to comment anonymously on recycling companies themselves - there is no way of knowing who actually wrote those types of reviews, and in many cases it's the company writing it themselves!

So for this reason we use Trustpilot for all ratings on our website: if you have any questions or issues with the Trustpilot ratings then please contact Trustpilot directly.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Absolutely - business and bulk enquiries are welcome, please get in touch via the contact page now and a member of the team will get back to you within 1 business day.

How often are your prices updated? Are they accurate?

The prices listed on Sell Compare are updated more than any competitor - and that's a fact! We try to update the prices every hour, and sometimes at an even higher frequency. If you spot an inaccurate price then let us know and we'll give you a free £25 Amazon UK gift certificate.

Why haven't I received payment yet?

For any questions related to your transaction you will need to contact the recycling company directly.