Sell my Apple iPhone

Compare recycling and trade-in prices, sell your iPhone today for cash!

Sell your iPhone for cash

Here's our guide to selling your old iPhone for the best price. Don't leave old gadgets to rot in the drawer! Instead sell them for some money and spend it on a newer phone, or just pocket the money for a rainy day. Remember: The longer that you leave it, the less money you will get when you come to sell.

Do you have an iPhone that's looking a bit long in the tooth?

Here at Sell Compare we compare trade-in and recycling prices for ALL generations of iPhone. That means, the iPhone 11, iPhone X... all the way back to the very first iPhone 1. It does not matter too much about the condition -- if it's an older phone then most recyclers except some damage anyway.

Can I sell a damaged iPhone?

Yes! We compare damaged iPhone prices day in, day out... Most retailers and recyclers will buy a broken phone, and then decide what to do with it after their inspection. By that point though, you won't need to worry as you will already have received your payment in cash or via PayPal. Here are SellCompare, we compare recycling prices on old gadgets and devices for free, and you can also see clearly which payment method(s) you can expect to receive payment from. For example: bank transfer (BACS), PayPal, or Cheque. Some recyclers, like CeX, will sometimes pay out via a Voucher.

Don't forget that we also compare recycler iPad prices for any older iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro models too.

How do I sell an older iPhone?

It only takes a few seconds, here's how to sell your old unwanted iPhone for CASH today

  • Step 1. Look up what iPhone you have — which specific model. For example, iPhone 8 is different to iPhone 8+.
  • Step 2. Check the size/capacity of the iPhone — for example the 64GB model or the 128GB — it's important.
  • Step 3. Click, or type your iPhone model into the search box above.
  • Step 4. Choose a recycler, and click the Sell button. Send off your iPhone and you will get paid within 1-2 days.

What happens to my refurb iPhone after I sell?

It really depends on the condition. In most cases, it will get repaired and (assuming it's a newer model) will be sold on again to someone else, as part of a iPhone contract or deal or similar. In other words, someone else will have your phone, after it has had a bit of TLC and a refresh.

If it's not repairable and can't be re-sold then in all likelihood the recycler will strip your iPhone for parts, a bit like when you scrap a car. These parts will then be sold or re-used separately.

If it's completely unusable and the parts are not worth much at all, then it's likely that your old iPhone will be crushed. But this is unlikely, as the parts inside can be very valuable. In most cases, the recycler will try to re-sell your old iPhone on.

How much money will I get for selling my iPhone?

It depends on the condition of your device, but here is a guide to how much your iPhone is worth:

  1. iPhone XR in working condition: £340.00
  2. iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB in working condition: £875.00
  3. iPhone 6S in working condition: £160.00
  4. iPhone 8 128GB in working condition: £399.00

Please note that these prices update every few hours so check the website's relevant page for the most accurate prices.