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EE are the largest mobile network operator in the UK with about 28 million customers and they are the largest operator of 4G services in Europe. EE were formed when Orange and T-Mobile merged in 2010 and it was recently agreed that BT would purchase EE. As well as being used by tens of millions of customers EE also have a large high-street presence with over 590 stores in the UK. EE are one of the most well known and trusted companies in the country.Here at EE, providing a great customer experience is their top priority. This includes buying and recycling mobile phones and helping customers choose the best products and services. Part of that is keeping customers up to date on call centre performance and how they are handling complaints, as well as sharing the innovative ways they are supporting their customers.They are working harder than ever to provide the best customer service in the UK. Their customer response times are some of the quickest in the industry - they resolve more than 90% of complaints within 48 hours. Response times for mobile customers have improved this quarter- they perform well against the industry average. They will continue to keep you updated, and in the meantime they will keep working harder every day to provide their customers with the best customer service in the UK.EE Recycle is a service provided by EE allowing customers of any network to recycle their phone for cash. So it doesn't matter if you're not already an EE customer or your phone is on another network, you can still use them! They will send you a free sales pack so you don't need to worry about finding something to put your phone in, or paying for postage. Stolen, blocked or fake phones will not be accepted and reductions will be made if your phone is damaged.You can choose to be paid by either bank transfer or cheque but keep in mind a cheque may take up to 7 days so it's a much slower option. If you want to sell your phone as quickly as possible then printing a shipping label rather than waiting for a return pack to arrive is the quicker option. EE Recycle is run in partnership with Brightstar 20:20 UK, an established and respected mobile phone recycling company.Many mobile phone recycling companies are now working and providing services to people who have old, broken and damaged phones. These phone recycling companies buy the broken or damaged phones from people and recycle them off. After recycling the phone, they sell them to the markets where these phones are in demand. Throwing away the phone can be a cause of environmental pollution. The metals from which a mobile phone is made up of may cause severe environmental pollution, thus it affects the health of human beings.Mobile phone recycling companies, such as EE Recycle & Reward, are providing these services and they are not only helping in providing better economy to the people but are also saving their health as well. EE Recycle & Reward is one of those phone recycling companies that are working as mobile phone recyclers in United Kingdom.Here are the steps of the EE Recycle & Reward to have a better understanding on how it works.Step 1: If you practically want to sell your phone to EE Recycle & Reward, you will need to search the model of your phone from the search bar option provided on their homepage. However, if you are not certain and do not know the model of your phone, you just need to type the IMEI number of your phone and it will be displayed on the computer screen with quoted price. Click “Sell Now”, if you want to proceed with the offered price.Step 2: On the next page you’ll be confirmed the price again. Here it will be described that you’ll get the money within 7 days if you prefer to be paid through cheque.Step 3: Now you have to select your preferred method of payment such as Bank Transfer or Cheque.Step 4: Here is the page where you have to submit your personal contact details and the information required to process your payment. So you may have to provide your bank account details, in case you want the payment through your bank account.Step 5: After placing an order, you need to send your phone to the EE Recycle & Reward. You can choose freepost and the mobile phone recycling company will send you a package. You will have to place your phone and its accessories in the package and send it back to the company. Make sure that you have erased all the personal data that was stored in your phone. Don’t forget also to take out your SIM and memory card as they cannot be recovered once sent to the company.After completely examining your phone, the company will send you the payment.


Well - they have now had my phone a week and absolutely nothing from them after numerous calls. There might be a “backlog” I’m told. Absolutely appalling service. Any other company turns handsets around in 48 hours. These lot don’t care. Just waiting for the “oh your screen is damaged” email next.


Terrible service! Avoid at all costs. They deliberately damage your phone to give you less money. Phone was sent in perfect condition after being in a case all its use. They 'claimed' the screen was coming away from body of phone. It wasn't when it was sent, therefore only logical explanation is deliberate damage by the 'service'.

Steven Keeling

Recycling with EE was quick and easy. I was quoted £130 for my LG G5 and I got exactly that amount. I was concerned after reading some of the reviews below but the service worked perfectly for me.

Stuart Dempster

Absolutely terrible experience! At every stage of the process I have had to chase them, received conflicting emails which when challenged were renaged upon & to top it all off amount paid was less than agreed.


So after being a customer of Orange/EE for years I thought recycling my phone with them was the safest option, how wrong was I! So after receiving an Intial quote of £170 for my iPhone 6s I sent on Monday 11th September in a padded Jiffy bag I've today recieved an email saying my reviewed quote is £85 due to damage to the phone!...

Leanne matthews

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