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About giffgaff

Recycling your phone with giffgaff is open to everyone, whatever your network - it isn't dependent on you being part of the "Giffgaff mobile network" which is another thing entirely.

GiffGaff accept all types of mobile phones and devices including iPads, just enter your device model and get an instant quote. If you don't know your exact model or capacity eg "32GB" then enter your IMEI code above - here's how.

Get a recycled price for your used device right away from their rating tool. They will send you all the pre-paid packaging you need. Simply pop in your phone and send it back. Their team will give it a quick once-over on arrival.Giffgaff provides quick and easy quotes - grade your device online and see how much it's worth in 30 seconds. Giffgaff claim to also have no quibble returns - if you're not completely happy with the final price they will return your phone for free, no questions asked. In testing we have discovered this to be true.

Giffgaff in our research were found to be reasonably quick at processing payments, so you can expect to get paid within one business day of your phone's arrival. You will get paid in no time at all - as long as your device matches the description you gave in their grading tool you'll be paid as soon as your device arrives at their warehouse.It is so easy to send your phone valuation. Just fill out their grading form,they will send you a prepaid postage pack for your phone, then pop on down to the post office to get a tracking number and send your phone.In working out your phone's value, it is based on quite a few variables but basically it's based on two main things: The physical condition of your phone - and how well it's working. If your tablet or phone is dent-free and everything works as it should then you're likely to get a high price, although be aware that they only have a "Fair" rating on TrustPilot which indicates they often reduce the price offered to you at a later date. There may be other providers who may not offer as much initially but that will be the price you get - it is up to you.

Giffgaff claim on their website to "always be looking to offer new and exciting services to their members" and since they re-sell phones to their members, they tend to offer price for old phones. They’ve partnered up with the folks at "Redeem" who claim to know all there is to know about recycling phones and now they can offer you the best experience possible if you want to sell your old phone.

Below we have listed the process in simple easy to follow steps to make your journey smoother with GiffGaff and Redeem

  1. STEP 1: Login or Register for a giffgaff account You will need to have a giffgaff account to sell your handset with them..You need an account so that they can keep track of your orders and make sure you get paid for your phone.If you are not already a giffgaff member you can sign up for a free account within a few minutes.
  2. STEP 2: How to search for your phone or find your IMEI Number Searching for your handset couldn't be easier. Simply enter the first 3 letters of your handset to view a list of relevant handsets.The most accurate way to insert your handsets make and model is by using your handsets IMEI number. The IMEI number is a unique number given to all mobile phones and tablets, that can be used to identify the phone. If you enter *#06# your clever phone will make the 15 digit IMEI number magically appear on the screen!Or if your keypad is broken or your battery is flat please remove the back and you'll find it under the battery. If you've got an iPhone it may be on the SIM holder or the back of your handset.At the moment they are only accepting specific models of phone which are on the list so if your phone is not on their list it means they can't offer you a price for it at this time.
  3. STEP 3: Grading Your handset  -They’d hate to disappoint you, so be sure to answer the questions as best as possible. On receipt of your device, their partner "Redeem" will fully inspect & test your handset BEFORE the final offer for your handset is emailed to you. Any inaccurate / incorrect information may decrease the value of your handset, but this is always the case.
  4. STEP 4: Personal Details & Bank Account Information -This is the important part.They know people worry about entering their bank details, but you don't need to. They take the security of your details and their site very seriously. The giffgaff Marketplace site uses Comodo SSL Security encryption at various stages throughout the site to protect your information. You'll notice the padlock icon appear in your browser to indicate that your information is being transmitted securely (usually found alongside the address bar). This protects it from interception by unintended recipients.
  5. STEP 5: Confirmation & Order Tracking  - You will receive your sellers confirmation number.The company practices responsible recycling, if your phone can't be refurbished, it will be recycled in the UK.

Why Choose Giffgaff?

Giffgaff is an Award-winning company - received a regnition being uSwitch Best Network Customer Service 2017, although that's more for their network than their mobile trade-in website.

If the price is right, then go for it - but please leave a review or rating below to help other users who are considering using Giffgaff UK for their mobile/device trade in, as your feedback helps others.


One of the worst companies i have ever dealt with there customer services is shocking, I tried to return a mobile to them that i purchased from them at £749.00 and i returned it and got it back the very next day and nothing done to it...They won't return my messages this is a shocking state of affairs DO NOT FALL IN TO THAT TRAP ...


Honestly the worst phone company,just con artist dint bother letting you know when deals have changed,deals what a joke,and then talk to a computer good get out clause.

Katie walsh

PROs+ cheap and easy to setup+ simple topup+ works very well world-wide+ cheapest in European Union (EU) countries+ micro contract for 30 days, and you can decide if you want to automatically renew, just top-up or use it only for receiving callsCONs- poor network speed- GiffGagg will be non-compliant once EU GDPR is enforceable fr...


I had nearly three years of using giffgaff problem free, however in the last three weeks I have experienced the worst customer service of my life. Their inability to provide me with a new SIM for three weeks (despite me making several suggestions) has resulted in considerable personal expense as I foolishly used them as a provider...


Giff Gaff is probably one of the only companies that sends me a text to tell me they're giving me more data/minuites, rather than most companies typical... "the price is going up..."Although I think sometimes the dataspeed could be a little higher, it works and I think it's important to remember how little your paying.Their servic...

David Bruce

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