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About MacBack

With, you have the confidence that your Apple Device is in the right hands. Be aware that they only buy Apple devices though.

Macback are fully certified under the EU ISO program, which guarantees a high level of operational efficiency as well as customer satisfaction whether you’re a large corporate or an individual. In the unlikely event you have a problem that MacBack cant sort out they will return your device free of charge.They are a specialist business managing the assets and data of many large organisations and they have been trading for 12 years.

Their company’s other services include the repair and refurbishment and recycling of IT waste for the private and public sectors and they comply with all regulations and industry standards.

MacBack will offer you the best market price for your used Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Powerbook G4, iBook or iPad.

Sell your Mac now! How it works:

  1. Simply fill in the automated quote system, receive your quote price and hit agree.
  2. Your courier is dispatched on your chosen day with custom packing case.
  3. They book in and test your item.
  4. You get paid!Your data will be securely destroyed and your system will be re-set to Apple’s original settings. They guarantee that your data is safe with them and they act in full accordance with the Data Protection Act and Government guidelines.

Save yourself eBay time wasters, postage costs and the general idiots on Gumtree... 

About "Grades" on MacBack and How to Decide which Grade fits

  1. The Grading info or condition of MacBack is quite confusing and users often contact us asking for clarification. Let's start with Grade A or "New" - very few devices will actually be this,  as it is considered to be new out of the box quality without any screen blemishes, cosmetic flaws and with a fully functioning battery that works within the manufacturers guide lines. All hardware fully functioning and fault free.
  2. Grade B: The item should in good condition with a few hair line scratches and fully functioning in all ways no marks on screen. A well looked after item. Good Battery and fully complete
  3. Grade C: The item is in clean and a reasonable condition but has signs of use. Some small dents to the casing are okay No damage to the screen and no faults with any of the system hardware. A battery that charges and operates under 500 cycle counts
  4. Grade D: The item has signs of wear including dents, scratches. The item can be dirty and cosmetically poor. The item however must be fully operational. Minor screen marks are acceptable as are poor batteries up to 500 cycle countsGrade E: The item is faulty but complete. The item can be damaged this does not include breaks in the motherboard or water damage.

So what about Screen Damage?

Screen damage is okay as long as the screen is still in casing. You may also want to note these other circumstances that will affect your Quote:

  • Engraved items will be subject to a Re-Grade of level D
  • All Items must be supplied with a working and undamaged UK power supply.
  • Items of A,B,C grade must have functioning batteries under 500 cycle counts
  • All Laptops and I Macs must be supplied with a UK keyboard and a mouse if applicable
  • All IPhone/ IPad must not be regionally locked. If your IPhone is locked to a specific network your item will be subject to a re-quote.
  • Your item must not be cigarette smoke stained.

If, in their opinion, your device doesn’t match the grade you have attributed to it at the quote stage, you will be contacted by one of their team who will offer you an adjusted price based on their market value. If the adjusted quote isn’t acceptable they will return your unit free of charge.They reserve the right to refuse the purchase of any item.

MacBack also mention Data Security - which very few of the other recyclers do. They take the security of your data very seriously and they will help you keep your personal data safe.

Before shipping your Apple Mac, iPhone or iMac to ANY company you must clear out the drive to make it secure and to prevent future abuse.  At this link Apple explains the process you must follow - be aware failing to do this will result in your device being rejected:

Whilst the security of your data is your responsibility, they will securely erase any information left on the device so it is vital that you have taken a backup of any information you wish to keep.This means your data cannot be recovered by you or the next owner of your machine. They use government accredited erasure tools to guarantee your residual data cannot be recovered.

If you need help erasing your device you may contact them and they will do their very best to help you.Please remember you must;

  • Back Up your data – you cannot get it back after.
  • S ign out of iTunes
  •  Sign and remove from iCloud
  • Sign out of iMessage (OS X Mountain Lion or later)


Great experience - will use it again


Wasted a day waiting for their delivery people to come pick up a laptop who never came. Their courier is PDP, who are diabolically bad at their jobs so sadly their bad performance now reflects on Macback too.


I had carefully reviewed the criteria for grading my 2010 MacBook Pro, which had original packaging, was very clean with no cosmetic defects, and was fully operational. Based on the criteria stated on the site I rated it Grade B (Good) and was quoted £466 for it. Upon receiving it Macback said the cosmetic condition did not meet ...


Great Quick Service

Mark Pearson

Great service

Rob B

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