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About Mobile Phone Xchange

Mobile Phone Xchange (MPX) was established in 2005 when the founders claim they noticed there was a gap in the market for mobile phone recycling. Thousands of handsets were being replaced each year and those redundant phones would simply lie in drawers gathering dust.By giving their customers the opportunity to turn their old mobile phones into cash, they are able to make a difference to communities around the world.

What happens to them?

Used handsets are sent to developing countries to help build their economies and at the same time pocket their customers some money.Now, where do Old Phones Go? You may not know it but your mobile phone is an extremely powerful tool for change. Being able to interact with their friends, families and colleagues is easy, and perhaps we take it for granted.Think about how difficult it is for people in third world countries who lack this instant communication. Well one way to help is to sell your old handset to Mobile Phone Xchange. If your device is in good working condition it will be sent on to people in developing countries to help their economies grow. Their lives are greatly enriched by what you consider a reject phone.By recycling your handset you are helping the world economically, politically and socially. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.

MPX claim to be "one of the leading mobile phone trade-in companies in the UK", paying some of the highest rates for used handsets for any company according to their sales blurb. However they only have a "poor" rating on TrustPilot at the time of writing, according to their TrustScore.

Here are the 3 steps on how to trade-in your phone with Mobile Phone Xchange:

1. Value Your Phone- Search for your old mobile phone by using the search box or clicking on the logo of your phone brand. If you are unsure about the make of your phone, type *#06# into your handset and your IMEI code will pop up on the display. Alternatively, look behind your battery for the code. This will give them the information they need to recognise the make and model. Then type this 13-digit IMEI number into the search bar on the home page to bring up your phone valuation.Choose your preferred payment method, enter your contact details and wait for them to make the next step.

2. Send them Your Phone with Free Post -A freepost padded envelope will be sent to you within 48 hours along with a unique tracking reference number. This enables you to track your order.Carefully package your phone and send it to them.If you send your phone using special delivery, your phone will be insured for up to £500 should it get bashed around by the postman on its way to them. It costs a little extra but you get peace of mind. A leaflet with packaging and delivery tips will be sent with your envelope, read it for more advice.Once they have received your phone, it will be processed for payment.

3.Receive Your Payment in 3 Days - Once they have received and checked your device, your payment will be made by using the option you chose.Mobile Phone Xchange offers you two different methods of payment for selling your handset to them; Bank Transfer and Cheque.If you choose payment via BANK TRANSFER you get same day payment straight into your account. Once they have received your phone and it’s been assessed, they send the money directly to your bank account ready for you to spend any way you wish.Mobile Phone Xchange can also write out a cheque made payable to you. When payment is ready to be given, they will send it via Royal Mail within 7 days of your phone being assessed by Mobile Phone Xchange. As soon as your cheque clears you can spend it wherever you want.

Moreover, you may compare their trade-in prices to their competitors, they constantly monitor the market to give you the best prices, apparently they are constantly checking the market to make sure they pay more than all the leading brands. However in our own internal research SellCompare found that very few of the top 3 handset prices are offered by MPX.

MPX claim however that, in the unlikely event that you are offered more for your phone they guarantee to beat this price by £2 (terms and conditions apply).This isn't that much of a benefit if however your handset is worth for example £200!

The reason why Mobile Phone Xchange offer you money for your mobille phone is because they claim to firstly care about the environment and want to make the world a better place. You may want to take such claims with a pinch of salt,  but they claim to this by recycling.Every year, two million handsets are replaced with upgrades deeming old mobiles insignificant. If more people were aware of how phone recycling practices work and how deeply it can impact on world economies, the planet would spin a lot more smoothly.So they buy your phone to help the great spherical thing we live on. BUT you get a great deal out of it as well. By recycling your old mobile phone, your pocket gets rewarded, but even better than that the planet gets rewarded too.

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