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Fantastic mobile phone provider, very courteous staff. I have had nothing but problems with my previous provider but Tesco have been fantastic so far ! Unused data rolls into the following month & clubcard points too.....Well done.

I have recently joined Tesco Mobile and I'm very happy with this network so far. The Twitter team have been very cheerful and I have had many great laughs and positive discussions with them. The sim only deals that they offer are fantastic. I have even persuaded my mother to join too, which is is absolutely thrilled about! I would...

I have been a customer for over 2 years with 4 accounts, 1 account has now been paid in full but been told I can't upgrade even though bills paid , same address, tariff not changed ( all the criteria met) but still can't upgrade, even though upgraded few times too. Really disappointed as I now want to switch provider

Had a 2 year contract with Tesco was paying £42 a month once my time was up I went to virgin as they offered 100mb data unlimited calls and texts for £20 but network wasn’t great when I called Tesco back they said they couldn’t offer me any loyalty as I had left but I was a customer for 2 years and spent £60-70 on my bill for...

Absolute joke would not advise the phone insurance they are refusing to replace fix or exchange my phone saying it’s agaisnt their terms and conditions. The customer service is a joke tried via email instore and over the phone one extreamly unhappy customer

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