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Apple iPhone Xs Max

Best trade-in price: £152.00

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Best trade-in price: £220.00

Apple iPhone Xs

Best trade-in price: £131.00

Apple iPhone Xr

Best trade-in price: £145.00

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Best trade-in price: £80.00

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Best trade-in price: £271.00

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G

Best trade-in price: £550.00

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Best trade-in price: £135.00

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G

Best trade-in price: £350.00

Samsung Galaxy A70

Best trade-in price: £47.50

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Did you know: we now compare smart watches?

Trade-in your Apple Watch or other Smart Watch today for cash. Compare watch prices from over 20 different recyclers & retailers and get paid money for your old gadgets!


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Thanks for finally offering a comparison service that works - my iPhone 8 had a smashed screen yet was easy to compare REAL prices.👏

Stacey C

Used Sellcompare and tripled the offer of my phone compared to going direct to the provider. Crazy but great for me.

Steve C.

Best Prices around, very easy to sell and very fast payment, thank you!

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How do I trade-in my device?

There are over 20 different device recyclers in the UK nowadays, with all of them competing for your hard-earned money.

The problem is that there has never been a way to compare prices from these different providers in an unbiased fashion. Several popular websites claiming to be tech-recycling comparison services are in fact just run by the recycler! And of course their own prices are always at the top of the price comparison table.

Sell Compare is completely independent and unbiased. Our pledge is to show prices from only the leading recycling companies, not fly-by-night operations who might not pay you!

Sell Compare is different, we compare prices side-by-side, making sure to show you all of the relevant details to make an informed and quick decision. Don't be fooled by fake or internal reviews on other websites, Sell Compare only uses for UK ratings so you can be sure they are independent and accurate.

What's more, Sell Compare also compares payout times – if you need cash fast, in most cases, you will receive it the next day, by either PayPal, Bank Transfer (BACS) - or even a cheque in the post if you are old-school!

How much can I get for selling my phone?

The average trade-in price as of today, across all the devices we compare, is £209.28. That's a lot of money just sitting around going to waste. If you're not using your device then consider trading it in for some cold, hard cash!

To put that into perspective, it'll buy you the equivalent of 65 large coffees, or around 20 packs of cigarettes. Everyone loves free money, right?

At Sell Compare we check prices for all Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch. Plus over 40 Samsung models, and 100s more from other brands like Huawei and Google Pixel.

How quickly will recyclers pay me?

The average British household has around £120 worth of gadgets just collecting dust.

Given that it only takes 30 seconds to grade and compare prices on your device, some might say you have nothing to lose. Don't forget that tech prices generally go down as time goes on; the components are worth less when compared to newer models.

There's little point in just leaving those phones and tablets in your top drawer, gathering dust. Have a clear-out and make some easy money in the process!

What are the benefits of using Sell Compare?

Selling your old iPhone for cash can be a great way to upgrade to a newer model and make some extra money in the process. Here are some tips to help you get the most money for your used iPhone:

  1. Be realistic. Keep in mind that the condition, storage capacity, and network compatibility will affect its value.
  2. Clean and restore: Clean your iPhone thoroughly, remove any personal data, and restore it to its factory settings. We can't compare prices on phones haven't been data wiped.
  3. Price it right: Set a fair price based on the value you determined and the prices of similar iPhones. Consider offering a slight discount if someone is willing to pay in cash.
  4. Compare prices and make sure that you go for the recycler with the payout time and method that suits you. For example, if you need cash fast, don't choose a cheque payout.