Sell my Huawei phone

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Sell your used Huawei for cash

Huawei are quite a recent newcomer to the UK, however their phones are quickly gaining a reputation for being absolutely brilliant.

With that said, if it's now time to part with your old Huawei phone or tablet then Sell Compare are interested in buying it from you! Please use the above table to select your Huawei phone model and then we will take it from there — instantly showing you the latest, up-to-date recycling prices for all UK Huawei models — going back all the way to the very first model ever to launch in Blighty!

Our recyclers will pay you cash today — either by PayPal, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Select which payment option you prefer, send off your Huawei gadget to them by post, and then within a few days you will receive a payout. (NB: Sometimes this even happens the same-day they receive the device...!)

Make sure to check for faster-paying merchants if you need the cash urgently.