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Price History

The trade-in price history of Galaxy A70 generally shows a decline. In other words, the used prices of this device are dropping as newer models come to market. It is only very rarely that a second-hand electrical device will increase in price; this usually happens for example if it's a collector's item. Therefore if you are looking to sell your Galaxy A70 then it probably makes sense to do it sooner rather than later - before the next price drop.


  • What's so good about the Samsung Galaxy A70?
  • Will anyone buy my Samsung Galaxy A70 if the screen has cracked?
  • How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy A70 for?

What's so good about the Samsung Galaxy A70?

The Galaxy A70 offers the best features compatible with the Android operating system, but it has been designed with budget in mind. It therefore proved a popular choice for people who wanted an up-to-date phone but were not too concerned with having the latest cutting-edge technology.

Will anyone buy my Samsung Galaxy A70 if the screen has cracked?

Unfortunately as the Galaxy A70 phone was cheap when it was released, it's not worth very much now. A working one is only worth around £100, so one with a damaged screen would be classed as faulty and worth a paltry £10.

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy A70 for?

Have you looked after it? If so, then you could sell it for as much as £100 if it is in good condition. However, if it has more than just a normal amount of wear and tear then it's only worth about £60. Faulty or seriously damaged Galaxy A70s are only worth about £10 in scrap value.

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