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SellCompare compares prices from ALL the leading device recyclers in the UK, so you'll get the highest price for your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB - guaranteed. We do all the hard work by collating 1000s of recycling and resell prices every few hours, so you don't have to check each website individually.

Comparing prices for all conditions: brand new, used, damaged and broken - if you aren't sure on the grading of your phone then click the button below and answer 5 simple questions...

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Price History

The recent trade-in price history of iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB generally shows an increase. In other words, the used prices of this device are getting higher as it is becoming more desirable. This normally happens if your device is reasonably old and may appeal to those on a tighter budget, or (more likely) people who are looking for parts. It may even be to strip down or re-sell in a third-world country - here's why. Remember: It is very unlikely that prices will keep on increasing for ANY used electricals.

About Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB - prices, trade-in, reviews

Do you have an old iPhone 11 Pro Max and want to trade it in for cash? Then compare recycling quotes from the likes of Mazuma Mobile, Giffgaff, MusicMagpie and many more here.

Here at SellCompare we only compare recycler prices from reputable traders and sellers. All our  quotes also show alongside the Trustpilot rating.

If you have a used, second hand iPhone 11 Pro Max for sale then make sure to check the above table for the best recycler prices.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 11 Pro Max?


Here at SellCompare HQ we make comparing quotes a doddle, just select your condition, be honest as possible and then see what kind of price you get quoted for your iPhone.

All our recyclers are UK based and most of them include free postage and free returns.

So if they grade your phone differently to how you have, then they will send it back to you at no cost. Hopefully though, that won't happen. Use our quiz above to verify the condition of your device.

What about smashed iPhone 11 Pro Max prices?

Unfortunately most buyers are not interested in smashed screens. Some hairline scratches are okay, but if your iPhone 11 Pro Max screen is deeply scratched and/or smashed to bits, it will likely be "Broken" condition. Make sure to select "Broken" above if that is the case!

Of course the prices are different, depending on what condition your iPhone 11 Pro Max is in.

It's a great, pricey phone so make sure to get recycling second-hand quotes before you sell to anybody. Don't forget to try eBay, but be aware of the extra hassle - at SellCompare you click a button and it's sold! No dodgy dealing, no late-night buyers turning up at your doorstep.

iPhone 11 Pro Max used prices & grading

If your phone is in Used condition, then make sure to grade it correctly from the following:

  • Brand New
  • Working
  • Slightly Damaged
  • Broken

If your iPhone 11 Pro Max is in a bit of a bad way, then it's probably in "Broken" condition, but most people will find that either "Working" or "Slightly Damaged" is more accurate.

Working - Generally in good condition, but some shows of usage such as a few minor scuffs (not on the screen).

Slightly Damaged - some scratches to the screen but nothing that affects its ability.

Broken - smashed to bits, screen requires replacing, battery is dead, etc.

If you're lucky enough to have a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max still in its box and with original packaging -- make sure it is literally unused! -- then that will qualify as "Brand New".

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