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SellCompare compares prices from ALL the leading device recyclers in the UK, so you'll get the highest price for your Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB - guaranteed. We do all the hard work by collating 1000s of recycling and resell prices every few hours, so you don't have to check each website individually.

Comparing prices for all conditions: brand new, used, damaged and broken - if you aren't sure on the grading of your phone then click the button below and answer 5 simple questions...

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Price History

The trade-in price history of iPhone Xs Max 64GB generally shows a decline. In other words, the used prices of this device are dropping as newer models come to market. It is only very rarely that a second-hand electrical device will increase in price; this usually happens for example if it's a collector's item. Therefore if you are looking to sell your iPhone Xs Max 64GB then it probably makes sense to do it sooner rather than later - before the next price drop.

About Apple iPhone Xs Max 64GB - prices, trade-in, reviews

Did you know that the iPhone Xs Max was one of the best, most highly-rated mobile phones by Apple for, well... years? You may think this may not be relevant now as you are looking to trade it in, but given that this phone is widely regarded as one of the best, then make sure to get maximum cash for it! Don't throw away easy money...

How should I sell my Apple iPhone Xs Max?

To sell your iPhone XS Max today follow these simple, easy steps:

  1. Select the correct size and optionally network. MostiPhone  XS Max phones will be unlocked so don't worry too much about that.
  2. Click on the Sell button once you're happy with the quote from the recycler.
  3. Send off your phone, wait a few days and then you will receive a cash payment, either by PayPal or bank transfer or cheque... Easy!

Should I sell my Xs Max on eBay? How much will I get?

Why bother to sell your old iPhone XS Max on eBay or use Apple Refurb, these will never pay as much, and the amount of faff and effort that is needed leads many to not bother again.

With SellCompare you simply click a few buttons, select the price you are happy with, then SELL your old iPhone Xs Max. Post it off, get the cash (by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque) after a few days and then forget all about it. It's sold, it's done, and now you can focus on your brand new shiny replacement.

And there's no need to worry about not getting paid enough, because we compare over 30 retailers. Sort by highest price and then choose the best quote you're happy with.

If you have an iPhone XS Max sitting in a drawer gathering dust then be sure to recycle it, don't wait -- the value of this model is dropping weekly.

The newer iPhone 11 Pro Max models are here and this always affects the resale value.

What happens to my recycled iPhone Xs Max?

Most of the time they will be reconditioned, tidied up and resold.If the condition is particularly poor and irreparable then it will be sent to a recycler.

Older and cheaper mobile phones, unlike the Xs Max, will often be sent to a WEEE dump in China and end up being stripped for parts, anything not salvageable might sent to landfill.

Can I repair it myself?

Most people do not have the ability or the patience to repair an iPhone, and the parts are expensive. So the chances of you being able to recon your iPhone XS Max yourself is quite slim, as the Xs Max is obviously a premium model with very expensive parts.

Most of our buyers and recyclers refurb and recondition many used iPhone models every day, sometimes up to 1000 a week... They are experts and make it look easy -- but of course it isn't.

Check out the iFitIt guide if you want to see how hard it is to repair an XS Max yourself. Very hard indeed!

Can I sell a screen-smashed iPhone XS Max?


Here are SellCompare UK we make sure to check for ALL conditions and gradings, every hour of the day... That means, used, second-hand, broken, smashed, damaged - whatever you want to call it, we will compare Xs Max trade-in prices.

The only thing we can't quote you for are stolen devices.

Use the table above to compare Apple iPhone XS Max prices now and get cash tomorrow for your old gadgets.

If your phone is in Used condition, then make sure to grade it correctly from the following:

  • Brand New
  • Working
  • Slightly Damaged
  • Broken

The price of a broken iPhone XS Max will still be quite high, as this is a premium smartphone. As always, honesty is the best policy! If your screen is smashed, then make sure to be honest about it.

Most problems with recycling comparison services are due to inaccurate grading, which is why we have created a quiz to help you find the correct "grade" for your iPhone.

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